The Artist — The Apology

Yesterday I decided to apologize for my brash behavior. There's really no reason for yelling or arguing—we've known each other for a total of 8 days. I can think clearly since I now know I shouldn't have expected anything from him.

I send an email instead of a text. An email is still informal but I believe it's more serious than a text apology. I also like my gmail avatar picture. 

"I'm getting you on the horn right now to apologize for my wild behavior the other night. I shouldn't have been so mean to you in front of your friends.. It's pretty embarrassing and I feel badly for my antics. I mean, we barely know each other so I shouldn't have yelled at you. So, with that, I hope if we run into each other things can be light and fun."

A mutual friend of ours told me to keep it simple so I did. A big part of me didn't want to apologize because I still disagree with his wanting to "flirt without consequence" and I still really don't understand what that means among other things.. But I'm trying to change. And there are still things that I can apologize for.

I don't know how often he checks his email. I'm constantly checking mine. In that way I'm sure we are different. He hasn't written back. It's been 14 hours. Maybe he ever will. I have to accept it. I hate doing that.

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